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Paste Extrusion Line

For the production of PTFE tubes by the PTFE paste extruder
Wold class solution in PTFE and UHMW-PE technology


% PTFE processing solution %Extruders MachinesThe process is done in batch quantities

The PTFE lubricant mixture is first pre-pressed with a Preformpresse to so-called preforms and then filled in a PTFE paste extruder, which operates on the principle of stamp extrusion. Subsequently, the preform is pressed in a cold or slightly preheated state through a conical nozzle. The extrudate is separated from the remaining lubricant within the drying zone and then sintered.

PTFE extrusion process with a PTFE extruder, which is also known as a PTFE paste extruder or only as a PTFE extruder

Paste extrusion is used in the PTFE production of thin tubes, thick tubes, wire insulations and unsintered PTFE tapes. For the PTFE paste extruder, only emulsion polymerization powder is used. The paste is a mixture of these spongy PTFE powder types with moistened organic liquids.


The complete PTFE paste extrusion line consists of:

  • Mixer
  • Preform press
  • Paste extruder
  • Sintering oven
  • Sintering furnace
  • Winder


Keicher offers a combination of:

  • Preformpress
  • PTFE paste extruder
  • Drying oven
  • Sintering oven
  • Handling between units
  • Touchscreen control of the complete system


Drying oven

For a better installation Keicher supplies the drying cabinet in sections, the type of heating is infrared.

Temperature range:
  • 100 ° C – 250 ° C
  • 210 ° F to 480 ° F


Preform press

Keicher supplies preform presses in the same sizes as the paste extruders.

This means:
  • Diameter of the size up to 300 mm (12 «)
  • Length up to 1200 mm (48″)



Sintering oven

For a better installation Keicher supplies the drying oven in partial areas, the type of heating is infrared.

Temperature range:
  • 200 ° C – 500 ° C
  • 400 ° F to 930 ° F

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