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Our company

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Who we are

EXTRUSYS CORP. is a US. Company specialized in assembling and selling High Quality Ram Extruders. Our Company is located in Orlando. FL, and works under the exclusive license of KEICHER ENGINEERING AG., a prestigious Engineering Firm based in the City of Ulm, Germany. All our Ram Extruders are made and shipped from Germany, using only high quality materials under German standards and controls. We can provide competitive prices in U.S. dollars because EXTRUSYS CORP is a U.S Firm.

What we do

Complete System Solution For PTFE Processing
• RAM Extruders (PTFE, Compounds)
• Paste Extruders (PTFE, Compounds)
• Special Pre-Form Presses up to 1200mm Lenght
• Wire Coating Lines (PTFE)
• Tube Lining Liners (PTFE)
• Equipment for Theart Seal Tapes and Electric Insulating Tapes (PTFE)
• Transfer Moulding Systems
• Auto Convoluting Machines
• Automatic and Isostatic Presses
• Presses for Plates of PTFE, PE UHMW, Polyimide, PEEK, Compounds


1978 Development of Ram Extruders by FAG for PTFE and UHMW-PE.

1988 Management Buy-out by Dieter Worek.

1995 Development of first Paste Extruder by Dieter Worek with hydraulic controls from Keicher Engineering AG.

2001 Integration of Worek GmbH into Keicher Engineering AG.

2005 Development of Wire Extrusion line.

2006 Development of Medical Paste Extrusion line for extremely thin wall tubing of 0,03 mm without guard inside.

2010 License contract between Keicher Engineering AG and EXTRUSYS CORP.

% PTFE processing solution %Extruders Machines % PTFE processing solution %Extruders Machines % PTFE processing solution %Extruders Machines % PTFE processing solution %Extruders Machines